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When it comes to the topic: MLM Best Companies, one aspect you have to consider is, what residual Income is possible. Only selling consumable Products give us the ability to collect checks monthly.

Joy To Live
This companies focus is on nutritional products, multivitamins, weight loss supplements and others. One of their top sellers is EliXir Blast® , which is a proprietary blend of 146 healthy nutrients and amino acids derived from exotic fruits and berries such as Mangosteens, Noni fruits, Goji Berries, Acai Berries, Pomegranates, Elderberries and Cranberries. This little giant of a company has a powerful compensation plan.

Joy To Live Products
All products retail for $39, but members pay only $25 for Any given product. Members can get even greater discounts when they purchase larger quantities. 20 bottles end up being less than $15 a bottle. Some members have used this discount and sold these items on Amazon for more than $30 a bottle, making a $300 commission.

Upto $1,500 Monthly Without Selling
If you are not the type of person who likes recruiting others, this is the perfect MLM Best Companies business for you. All new members are divided amongst all active members. When a new member, that is in you group, makes a purchase, you get a commission, even if you didn’t bring the member into your group. Currently, Joy To Live employs a 3 by 10 Matrix and without selling, you can get paid down to the 5th level, which amounts to earning between $500 and $1,500 monthly.

Fast Start Bonus
If you recommend Joy To Live to someone and they become a new member because of your recommendation, you earn a fast start bonus of $10. At no extra cost, Joy To Live will provide you with a website, where you can bring others to join. You will be credited and that member is part of your group for life. Your website comes with a back office, where you can check on your progress, check your earnings, and reorder products. A frequent question is: Can I use my earnings to reorder products? The answer is yes. Recruit 3 new people and you'll earn $30, fast start cash that you can use towards a purchase. Recruit 3 and the business is free!

Joy To Live, the MLM Best Companies business pays out immediately to your company wallet. You need $30 minimum in your account to get a check sent to you plus $2 for processing.

The 3 by 10 Matrix
Imagine a Christmas tree. On top you have a star. Under the star, you have ornaments. The star represents your business center. The ornaments represent new members. The tree is the Joy To Live opportunity. The top level only has space for 3 ornaments. Below that we can put 9 ornaments. Below that we can put 27 ornaments and each level down increases by 3 until we get to level 10. By filling the tree with ornaments and people purchasing 1 to 3 products, your earnings will be between $35,000 and $107,000 monthly in residual Income.

Car Bonus
Aquire a group volume of $100,000 and you’ll earn an $822 bonus, which gets paid to you monthly, as long as you volume stays up. You don’t have to purchase a car with this money. You do what ever you like with it.

House Bonus
Aquire a group volume of $200,000 and you'll earn a $2,200 bonus. Like the car bonus, gets paid monthly.

Matching Bonus
Imagine helping 3 people open a business center. When you rise up in the ranks and your group earns $300 in group volume, you will become a "Silver Member, " and you'll earn an additional 25% check on each of your personal business centers. So if your 3 centers earn $100 each and you group makes over $300 in group volume, you receive an additional $75, which occurs month after month.

When your group reaches $1,000 in group volume, you rise to the "Gold Level" and now you earn 50% of your downline members income. So, if you have 3 members that earn $200 each, you'll get an additional $300.

When your group reaches $4,000 in group volume, you rise to the "Ruby Level" and now you earn 75% of your downline members Income. So, if you have 3 members that earn $300 each, you'll get an additional $675

When your group reaches $12,500 in group volume, you rise to the "Diamond Level" and now you earn 100% of your downline members Income. So, if you have 3 members that earn $400 each, you'll get an additional

Of coarse, the goal is getting your 3 personals to earning $35,000 min by filling up their tree to level 10. As a Diamond member of Joy To Live, MLM Best Companies, you would receive a matching bonus of $105,000.


Getting Started
Becoming a Joy To Live member is easy. Buy one $25 product. You get the website free with the back office. Spread the word and make money with MLM Best Companies.

Below, are questions you may have. If you have any other questions, contact me , Juan Carlos, at


1. Q. How do I sign up with JTL?

Answer: Go to the website Click on the “JOIN” button on the top right hand corner.

2. Q. Once I sign up, what do I need to do next?

Answer: During the signup process, you created a username and password and you also received an id number. Go to and click on “Login”. You can then login to your back office using either your Username or ID# and your Password. From the Main Menu button, you can order products, tools, a Propay Mastercard and you can also manage your Autoship. From your back office, you can also view and withdraw commissions and track your downline organization. Next, you will want to get your own Capture Page and Training Website. You will need to contact someone in your upline to get the details on how to do this.

3. Q. How do I set up a monthly Auto-Shipment?

Answer: Go to the “Main Menu” tab in your back office. Move the cursor down the list to “Auto-Ship Manager”. Click on “Create” and follow the prompts on the screen. You need to have a Credit or Debit Card to set up Auto-Shipment. This will ensure that you will always remain qualified for commissions.

4. Q. Do I have to buy every month?

Answer: To be commissioned qualified each month you will need to purchase products with PV according to the Compensation Plan. To keep your back office open you will need to buy at least 1 product with PV every 3 months. If your back office becomes locked simply call support with an order, and your full access will be restored. (877) 362-2201

5. Q. What is an E-Wallet and how does it work?

Answer: E-Wallet is the section of your back office where you can view and request your commissions. An e-wallet functions much like a physical wallet. Whereby it stores or holds your commissions until you are ready to use them. Money in your e-wallet can be used to purchase products in our shopping cart or to automatically pay for your monthly auto-ship. Commissions can also be requested any time before Wednesday at 12 Midnight Central Time. You can choose to have your commissions sent to your JTL Propay Mastercard or in the form of a bank check to your mailbox. You can also transfer funds from your e-wallet account to another associate´s e-wallet.

6. Q. Do I have to empty my E-Wallet every month?

Answer: No, you can leave your funds in your e-wallet to build up over time, or you can draw out your funds as frequently as once every week.

7. Q. What is the minimum amount I can draw out of my account?

Answer: Any amount that is in your e-wallet can be used toward purchasing products; however, when requesting funds a bank check, the minimum amount that can be requested is $30.00. There is a $2.00 fee for paper check request. All disbursements should be requested by Wednesday at 12 Midnight Central Time. All checks requested are mailed on Friday of each week .

8. Q. How do I get a Propay Card, and how does it work?

Answer: The Propay card is no longer available

9. Q. Are there fees associated in transferring funds from my E-Wallet to my JTL ProPay Master Card?

Answer: The Propay card is no longer available

10. Q. Can I purchase products and pay my Auto-Shipment with my E-Wallet?

Answer: Yes, you can order products at any time throughout the month or pay for your recurring autoship order with available commissions. In setting up an autoship that will draw funds from your commission balance, you must also enter a secondary form of payment (i.e. credit, debit, or Propay card). This is to ensure that your autoship will always go through in the event your commission balance drops below the cost of your autoship. If your e-wallet balance should drop below the total purchase price, the computer will first deduct the balance from your e-wallet and will then charge the remaining balance to your credit or debit card on file.

11. Q. When will I receive my auto-shipments?

Answer: You can expect your Credit Card to be debited again on the same day of the month following your initial purchase, or one month from the date your first autoship is set up, with the exception that our calendar month ends on the 30th of each month. (Example: If a purchase is made on the 31st of the month, the next draft would be on the last day of the following month). Any changes or cancellations in your auto shipment should be done within three (3) business days before the due date.

12. Q. When I qualify for the Car and Home Allowance, do I have to buy a car or can I spend the money on whatever I want?

Answer: You can spend the money however you want to.

13. Q. When are Matching Bonuses, Car Allowances and House Allowances paid?

Answer: The Matching Bonuses, Car and Home Allowances are calculated on the 10th of each month following qualification and are deposited to your JTL e-wallet.

14. Q. What makes the JTL business opportunity different from other Network Marketing companies?

Answer: JTL is bringing honor to network marketing with quality products, discount prices, a fair and level compensation plan and a Policies Guide that protects the income of associates.

15. Q. How effective are the products?

Answer: Many of our Associates say that Joy To Live offers the best products they have ever used. Our products are specially formulated to give the systems of your body what they need to work and perform at its best. We use a combination of natural, organic ingredients, herbs, minerals, fruits, berries and other essential vitamins for optimum health.

16. Q. What is PV (Personal Volume)?

Answer: PV is the dollar amount that is paid out to Associates in commissions on JTL product purchases. In order to stay in business, JTL must reduce the amount paid out on the discount packages; therefore a PV is assigned to each product and product package.

17. Q. How does the GV (Group Volume) work?

Answer: Group Volume is calculated from the total PV of all product purchases made throughout your personally sponsored organization. Commissions are not paid on Group Volume. Commissions are paid through ten (10) levels of the matrix. GV is only used to calculate advancements in rank in the compensation plan and ranking and promotions.

18. Q. Is there a limit to how many people I can enroll directly to myself?

Answer: No, you can receive up to 100% matching matrix income from each person that you personally enroll. Giving up sponsorship on someone you personally introduce to Joy To Live could be very costly, as any one person can potentially earn over $100,000 monthly and you never know which one of your prospects is going to work and who is not. Once you give away sponsorship, there is no way to get it back and could cause you a lot of regret down the road.

19. Q. How does the 3 x 10 work?

Answer: You can only have a maximum of three (3) persons on your first level and therefore each succeeding level throughout your ten (10) level matrix can potentially have 3x as many people as the level above it. Anyone who enrolls more than 3 people ends up creating spillover, which means the newly enrolled associate will be positioned in the next available position in the matrix, producing commissions for the person(s) in the matrix above them. This helps to create an atmosphere of teamwork.

20. Q. Can I Will or sell my position to someone?

Answer: Yes, you may Will or Sell your position. This business opportunity is designed to create generational wealth for you and your family.

21. Q. Can Not-for-profit organizations or Churches join the business by using their 501c (3) Tax exempt number?

Answer: Yes.

22. Q. If my debit or credit card is declined for my monthly auto shipment order, will my position be canceled?

Answer: Should your credit card decline we will attempt to process your order again in 7 days. After the 3rd decline your autoship profile will be disabled. Your position will not be cancelled, but you will be put into inactive status and you could lose commissions from any orders placed within your group during the days you remain inactive. As soon as you place another order, you will then be put back into active status. We do give a grace period until the last day of each month. However, failure to reactivate by purchasing product by the end of the month will cost you your matching bonuses

23. Q. Where does FULVIA come from?

Answer: The main ingredient in Fulvia comes from the Himalayan Mountains. Seventeen (17) years ago a company in India developed a standardization process of this naturally occurring substance for medical doctors in India. This is the highest quality product of its kind and we buy only the best! It is the crème de la crème. We ship it here in bulk, and then we add a small amount of Resveratrol to it to make our Joy To Live FULVIA. Medical textbooks in India say that no disease can be cured without this substance.

24. Q. What are the DBP 3 and 38 found in the Fulvia product?

Answer: Although similar in name to petroleum benzene, they have nothing to do with petroleum. They are natural occurring compounds found in some Fulvic Acid products. Without DBP 3 and 38, you would not get the great results that people are getting from Fulvia. Experts in Fulvic Acid will always look for these components to ascertain whether a Fulvic Acid is high quality or not, and that is why we list them on the label

25. Q. I see there are other companies that sell fulvic acid and was wondering how we compare to them?

Answer: The fulvic acid in Fulvia is equal or better than the competition. Ours comes from an ancient plant source, whereas many of the fulvic acid products sold in the marketplace are made from ground up shale rocks. You do not need to worry about quality or price; we have them both.

26. Q. Are the JTL products exclusive?

Answer: We have our own proprietary formulas, but anyone can purchase the same ingredients and make similar products. Note: Sam Walton outsells his five largest competitors combined and he didn´t concern himself with exclusivity of products. We are copying the Walton business model and bringing it to MLM. As a result we are attracting a large number of great people who are tired of purchasing over-priced products that are typical to this industry.

27. Q. Who manufactures the JTL products?

Answer: At the present time, we have our products manufactured in bulk and do the bottling and labeling in house. Our long term goal is to eventually manufacture all of our own products, but for now we use some very reputable manufacturers that have the highest standards for quality control.

28. Q. How are the JTL products produced and under what conditions? I have heard that some supplements coming from other countries have dangerous metals in them like lead. How thoroughly are our ingredients tested? What quality control measures are taken? How do we know that they are 100% safe?

Answer: All of our products are manufactured in the United States with exception of our coffee, which is made in Malaysia. In every case we have chosen the most reputable companies, and our products are manufactured in FDA approved clean rooms. The floors in these facilities are probably cleaner than your kitchen table. Ingredients are tested for contaminates and content of nutrients. Quality control is our utmost concern.

29. Q. Are the JTL products Kosher certified?

Answer: Although our products no doubt qualify for Kosher Certification, we have not yet tried to get them certified. We recognize the fact that KC would help us expand our market and we have talked about the possibility of having this done, and at some point in the future we will look into it further.

30. Q. After studying my back office I upgraded so as to not leave any commissions on the table. I then started promoting and now I have 17 people who’ve signed up, and out of that I have 4 people who also purchased an upgrade package. I did this in order to get my people enrolled before somebody else told them about JTL. But now I’m not sure what I should do next. I don’t mind calling these people but I don’t feel that I can answer their questions yet.

Answer: Great job! Leaders do not necessarily know all of the answers, but they go looking for the answers as soon as their team members have a question they cannot answer. Communication is important, so I suggest that you keep in contact with the members of your team. They may be embarrassed to ask you questions, and you will never know what help they may need until you talk to them. Leaders enter the mine field before they know where all the mines are to prevent losing their team members. Contact your team members and find out what their desires, dreams, questions and problems are. Find answers to questions as they arise and then give help and encouragement where needed. Leaders have fears. What separates them from the rest of the crowd is they face their fears instead of sitting still and doing nothing.

31. Q. How do I cancel my JTL membership?

Answer: You will have to contact JTL to do that. JTL Cancellation Letter (Rev02)
Before making such a final decision consider what happened to another person who cancelled. Her experience has helped a few others to not make the same mistake. One lady sent her product back without opening it or trying it, which caused her position to be cancelled in our computer.
Later on she started getting spillover (more than 800 to date and growing by 20-40 daily). She would eventually have earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $35,000 monthly for doing nothing if she had not cancelled. She could have just gone inactive until she wanted to reactivate again.

Later on she tried to reactivate when she realized that she was losing several hundred dollars a month, but the computer will not allow reactivation after cancelation. Finally after a year of being purged from the back office, this lady realized there is no other company equal to Joy To Live and joined again. It’s regrettable that she lost all the income she could have received, and had to start back over again from zero

It costs a person nothing to maintain their position that can then be reactivated at any time by making a product purchase. If a person insisting on cancelling needs to contact JTL directly by calling 877-362-2201 or emailing

32. Q. I was the first person to introduce Joy To Live to someone and they signed up under someone else. Is there anything I can do about it?

Answer: No, because people have the right to choose their sponsor. Choosing a business partner is a little bit like choosing a spouse. You do not have to say yes to the first person that asks you to marry them. That person needs to prove they are someone you want to be with.

If someone knocks on your door selling insurance, do you have to buy from the first insurance salesman you talk to? Obviously not! You may not like the color of his shoes or the way he combs his hair, but realistically, you are more likely to purchase something from, or go into business with, or get married to someone with whom you click.

Be friendly and helpful to your prospect. Demonstrate to them that you will do everything in your power to be a good business partner, and that you will help them to achieve their goals in Joy To Live. Three-way them to your upline leaders to show them the team support they can expect.

The only thing you can do is to work on improving yourself so that in the future people will want to choose you as their sponsor. Read books like How To Win Friends And Influence People. It is amazing how big of a difference this will make in being successful in every area of your life.

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