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In this article, we will go over three commission pay types of jobs.

Base Salary plus Commission

A preferred choice of many employees, while making a commission, the employer also provides a, usually modest salary. One might think of a server, in a restaurant. The employee’s income is mostly comprised of the tips he or she makes. Tips, To Insure Proper Service, are based on the purchase amount and the quality of service given.

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In the restaurant business, it is not always very busy. For times such as this, it is important to pay the wait staff something so they don’t quit. When it’s busy, and good tips are being made, it is a good idea to hold back spending some earnings, to offset times when business is slow.

There are many jobs that use this commission pay type model. If you walk into a store that sells apparel or shoes, you may note that the person that is helping out shoppers, is also jotting down numbers. This is the employee number that the store owner uses to qualify the employee for a commission sale. This is one method used, by the employer, to ensure he gets the most out of the employee.

Electronic stores employ the same method. As you shop, a salesperson may hand you a slip with several numbers on it. You take the slip to the cashier and they punch them into their computer. The salesperson makes their commission and you get your products out at bay 1.

Straight Commissions

Highly motivated and trained salespeople find this type of commission pay lucrative. Per say, they don’t have the luxury of having a parachute, in the form of a salary. One might think of car salesperson, when thinking about straight commissions. Higher ticket items, such as cars and houses, Usually pay high commissions.

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Network Marketing

Rich people build Networks, Radio Networks, TV Networks, a chain of Gas Stations is a Network. Self made Millionaire, and author, Robert Kiyosaki, wrote a book called, “The Business of the 21st Century.” In it, he explains why Network Marketing is the best option for people who want to create wealth, without jeopardizing their full time job.

Network Marketing: The Old Way

The term, “Network Marketing,” is generally looked upon with some dismay. You would too, if you came to find out that their is high failure rate. 95% of those who try their hand at it, despite all their efforts, earn close to nothing. Part of the failings are from poor mentorship. The idea taught, “People do business with people they trust.” So, your upline will teach you to chase all your friends and family. But soon, you’ll come to realize that it doesn’t work and that you’ve alienated everyone.

Another problem may be in the commission structure. In Amway, if your downline out performs you, you make nothing, even if you have a large organization.

Yet, another problem may be in the company’s premise. To really do business with Amway, they expect you to spend $600 monthly and upwards, purchasing their products. You should do your due diligence and check out their products page. There is no way they can compete with Walmart.

Another old practice is the Uni-Lateral Downline. This is where all of your recruits land on your 1st level. Because this model does not create “stickyness,” you end up constantly replacing your downline. What generally starts off sounding like a good idea, ends up feeling like a Hamster Wheel.

A New Way to Network

Joy To Live is a newer company, with modern concepts of Network Marketing. They opened their doors back in 2010. Membership to the Joy To Live Network is FREE. To activate your membership, all you have to do is, purchase a product. Once you have done that, you will receive a website, at no charge, where your products will be showcased. Logging in to your website will bring you to your back office, where you can check on your progress.

Jerry Ricks, sole owner and founder of Joy To Live, has designed compensation plan unlike any other. There are four ways to earn with his company.

1st Way: Fast Start Bonus

Whenever you refer a customer, to Joy To Live, that signs up for a free membership, you earn $10. Some may refuse the membership and just purchase retail for $39. in this case, you will get paid $14. If your recruit signs up another member, you will also get paid a $3 commission. You can recruit an unlimited number of people, and get Fast Start Bonus on every single one.

Let’s see how this looks. If you recruit one hundred people, you will have earned one thousand dollars. If all your recruits bring in just one person, you will have earned another three hundred dollars.

2nd Way: 3 by 10 Forced Matrix Pay

Like Amway, you are expected to make a purchase every month, even if it is only one product. This is part of making a residual income. Each time your downline makes a purchase, you get a commission. Unlike Amway, the matrix fills the first level and forces all other recruits down to the next level. When that level is full, new recruits go into the next level down, and so on.

Your first level has only three occupiable slots. Your second level has nine occupiable slots. Your third level has twenty seven, and so on. Each level down has three times more slots than the one above. Joy To Live pays you down to the tenth level. When your Matrix is full, and everyone makes a minimum purchase, your earnings will be thirty five thousand monthly.

To illustrate how the matrix works, let’s say, you have three grown daughters. They all decide to follow you into this business. Your 1st level contains only three open slots. Each daughter fills a slot and any one else that follows you will be placed under one of your daughters. Let’s say your forth recruit falls under daughter number one. She will not get a Fast Start Bonus, because she didn’t recruit that person, but when that person purchases another product, she will earn a commission.

Many members will enjoy the discount pricing membership offers without ever referring anyone to Joy To Live. Let’s say you went on building your organization several levels down, and you daughters didn’t bring in any new members. They still qualify for Matrix Pay.

3rd Way: Matching Bonus

As you climb the ranks, eventually you will peak at the diamond level. There are lower levels that you do receive a bonus for, but everyone shoots for diamond. At this level, for everyone that you personally recruit, that gets a matrix bonus, the company gives a 100% Matching Bonus. Let’s just say you brought in one hundred people, and they each have earned one hundred dollars in their Matrix Pay. That’s one hundred times one one hundred dollars, or ten thousand dollars, monthly.

Of course, it’s the goal of each member to fill his matrix to capacity, and earn $35,000 monthly in Matrix Pay. Let’s just say that you only brought in your three daughters, but they got to work and each filled in their matrix. They would each receive $35,000 Matrix Pay. You would get a $105,000 Matching Bonus, and this happens each and every month. In one year, you’ll have earned over One Million Dollars.

4th Way: Car and House Bonus

As your business grows, you will qualify for car bonus. Grow your business a bit more, and you will qualify for the house bonus. This occurs monthly and totals just over $3,000.

This All Seams Impossible

What You Need is Proper Coaching

Success comes from a certain mindset, tools and training. Don’t chase friends and family. Let people come to you. Be selective. You have what they need and want. Creators make things happen You can make Authoritative blog posts that can drive traffic to your offer. Not everyone that sees this post will join Joy To Live. This post is not for everyone. This post is only for those who want to change their circumstance in life. A pre-qualification.

You are neither family or friend to me, at least not yet. But yet, you are here reading my post. To me, you are traffic, that I didn’t pay for. If you came here, others will come too. I can coach you to do this too.

Call To Action

This usually where you see the Big Red Button, that says “Buy Now!!!” That’s how the old business was done. Remember the 95% failure rate? We are doing something new. I want to give you so much, and at no charge, but it’s not free. You have to do something.

1st Thing

Like Arnold said, “You must have a goal.”

2nd Thing

Exercise your brain. Read, Learn, Discover.

3rd Thing

Send me a G-mail at and tell me what you need help with.

My Promise to You

I promise not to spam you

I promise not to sell you

I promise not to bother you

Join Joy To Live

You can’t just go to the company and join up. They don’t allow that. You can only get in by invitation. You need to do the 3rd thing on the list, and I will give it to you.

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